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I need to keep my AMA Series races separate from the non AMA Series races how do I do this?
Just create a separate Track/Charter number for each race type and the system will keep it all separate for you. Remember rider information is common to all tracks, the individual race results and race dates are kept separate by the track/charter number.
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How often should I compact and repair the tables?
We recommend after every race and before exporting race data.
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How many riders can the program hold?
The only limitation is that the file size can not exceed 2 Gigabytes. To give you a comparison, a file that big would equate to about 1 Million riders of course as the file size approaches that limit, faster hardware would be desirable. The short answer is SeriesTracker can handle all your Race data for years to come.
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We score series points differently than the options in the program. Can SeriesTracker be customized to meet our needs?
Just give us a call! We can create for you a custom scoring model based on your requirements.
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What is the purpose of the Fair Grounds scoring model vs. the AMA Scoring model?
The logic behind the Fair grounds Scoring model is to keep the series points close through out the season. Remember, you want to keep everyone interested in the Series points race through out the entire race season. This model seems to do this very well.
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The program will not print multiple copies as setup in the programs print configuration screen.
If your print driver can not handle multiple copies your driver may need to be updated, or your printer may not be capable of printing multiple copies.
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