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Rider FAQs

Online Registration - Online Membership Information

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How do I sign-up to be a member of
Joining is easy. All you need to do is complete a rider information form and have a valid email address.

Click here for a short tutorial..
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How can I change my password?
After logging in to your SeriesTracker Online account, click on "View/Edit Your User Info" then click on the "Change Password" button at the bottom of the form.
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Who else can use the personal information I supply to's online sign-up service? will NOT sell or distribute it's members information. The only place your information is sent is to the track where you sign-up to race.
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As a rider is there a cost to becoming a user of the Online service?
No there is no cost to the rider to get setup as a user of the SeriesTracker Online service. We encourage people to become members and get setup so that they are familiar with the process and ready when their tracks season starts.
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