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SeriesTrackerô Features

New Release!!!
Version 5.7
Just a few of the enhancements that are included:
  • New Online Race registration setup module. This allows you the promoter to define your own race pramaters (dates, class descriptions, open and close of sign-up and costs per class and other race day details.) to the New race registration service.
    (not available in demo)
  • New comprehensive EASY TO USE Race scheduling module. Determine if and who the riders are that would be running in back to back races and also it can determine if the classes can be run staggered (duplicate bike numbers and if the same rider is in the classes you are trying to stagger.)
  • New Input of race results by bike number (Now you have three ways to input race results. By our tried and true infield scorers report method, Our new enter by bike number method or just by entering the data free hand into the Grid.)
  • New automatic re-scoring feature (have you ever scored one person wrong and had to re-score 35 of the 40 riders. Not any more with our new re-scoring feature talk about a time saver.)
  • New automatic scoring insert feature (ever have to move a riders finish position up or down and then have to re-score the other 30 or so riders. This new feature makes this a thing of the past.)
  • New Randomize gate pick feature.
  • New automated Qualifier and Last chance setup feature.
  • New features in the data file utilities module:
    1. Data tables can now reside in any directory location.
    2. A data move/copy feature has been added. you do not have to know the names of all the tables anymore. This is a nice feature for backing your data up.

SeriesTrackerô MX is packed with many time saving features like:

Rider Registration

  • Fast rider sign-up
  • First & Last Name
  • City & State
  • As if that weren't easy enough, returning riders are even faster!
  • AMA or Series Number
  • Improve sign-in accuracy of rider information
  • Once a rider is in your database, their information will always be available at sign-up
  • Sign-up by rider (with carry forward of previous events entered)
  • Sign-up by Race Class
  • And Remember, as your season continues, More and More of your riders will already be in your database!

Race Management

  • Moto and Qualifier races
  • Counts how many riders are signed-up to race in multiple classes
  • Check for duplicate bike numbers when combining classes for a stager start, after rider sign-up
  • Scores Moto, Qualifier and Series points
  • Races over multiple days
  • Multiple tracks
  • Super Series between multiple tracks
  • Import data from and/or Export data to other tracks using SeriesTrackerô MX 


  • Moto, Qualifier and Series results/standings
  • Rider List
  • Rider and/or Class Sign-up forms
  • Infield Scoring
  • Moto Start Positions
  • Season History
  • Export Race and Series results in HTML format ready for web publishing


  • Highly customizable
  • Configurable Print Packages
  • Configurable Series Point Scoring
  • Configurable Series Points Reports (number to qualify for series and best number of total races to use for series points totals)


  • Import data from existing AMA DOS race program
  • Import and Export race data between computers
  • Online help system
  • Runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating systems

To see a short tour of highlights including screen captures, click here!

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