SeriesTracker Software Announced as Official Scoring Program of the AMA Western 4-Stroke National Motocross Series


Muskegon, MI--Sigma Software Corporation SeriesTracker has teamed up with the AMA Western 4-Stroke National Motocross Series for the 2003 season to launch their revolutionary new product, Series Tracker MX Software. Following is a statement by John Kuzma, CEO of Sigma Software Corporation.

"Sigma Software, developers of SeriesTracker MX Software - the first true Web to Web Motocross Race Management software, announces the launch of their new version 5.6 Series Tracker software which includes the integration of our New Online Sign-up Service. Both the riders and the promoters benefit from this revolutionary package. Now riders have true Online sign-up and payment options through, the worlds leading online payment system. Riders no longer need to come early and stand in line at the tracks. They also now have more payment options (Visa, MasterCard, Debit cards or checking account). NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE! The promoters also save by reducing race day sign-ups. All online data is downloaded to the promoters SeriesTracker Software and they are ready to go and there is no more re-keying of rider data."

"Our goal was to locate and partner with one of the premier events in the industry. Don Schneider and the AMA Western 4-Stroke Nationals are well known for bringing innovative ideas into the Motocross racing world. For more information visit"

Schneider adds, "Series Director Jennifer Madsen and myself were pretty overwhelmed doing the Premier ProAm sign-up data input in 2002. By the time the actual scoring came around, it was a stressful time indeed. Thanks to the race and technical knowledge that this Sigma Software has, they have provided a real turn-key software solution. I highly recommend this complete Online sign-up and scoring software system. It makes the entire process easier and is much less time consuming for the rider and promoters. They have even custom designed the way we score motos and championship points. It's pretty spectacular, real cutting edge. And to have online pre-race sign-up for the riders and teams, what else could you need to start the race weekend of on the right foot".

AMA Western 4-Stroke National Motocross Series Schedule

2/16 Whitman, AZ, Rnd 1 (
3/23 Adelanto, CA, Rnd 2 (
4/6 Floresville, TX, Rnd 3 (
4/20 Sacramento, CA, Rnd 4 (
5/25 Albany, OR, Rnd 5 (
6/1 Milford, CA, Rnd 6 (
6/22 Boise, ID, Rnd 7 (
7/6 Adelanto, CA, Rnd 8 (
8/10 Lakewood, CO, Rnd 9 (
8/17 Washougal, WA, Rnd 10 (

AMA Western 4-Stroke National Info: 503-756-4782 or